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Wednesday - 5:00 pm
Thursday - 12:00 pm
Friday - 5:00 pm 
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Sunday - 10:00 am 

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About Us


Chris "The Geek" Rowe

Chris Rowe wears many hats with Geekier Things. Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, website guy and all around geek. When he is not on the Social Media circuit promoting Geekier Things, you can find him working hard on creating new projects for the Creative Innovations Media.


Jonathan "The Dude" Dixon

Jonathan has been working in Film since 2010. His credits range from Actor to Producer in short films, Webisodes and widely distributed films. "The Dude" has worked events such as local conventions filming and editing to even Practical effects of Films like Crawl or Die.

Show Ideas?

Contact us for any show ideas you might have.  Feel like you are "Geek" enough to be on the show?  Contact us...lets talk!

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